WhatsApp New Update Causes MAJOR Controversy

WhatsApp users will soon have the opportunity to download a brand new update, & it will come with one mighty change that’ll cause controversy.

Reports have it that WhatsApp may soon allow Instagram users post stories directly into Whatsapp as a status.

This would of course be a popular change, particularly considering the hostile response Snapchat has experienced with recent changes to its Snapchat Stories feature.

WABetaInfo says it has a hold of the latest WhatsApp Terms of Service (ToS), & that the new ToS highlights that WhatsApp will soon start sharing user data with ‘Facebook companies’, as reported by Gadgets360.

The supposed Terms of Service says: “The Facebook Companies (which include WhatsApp) are a group of companies that are owned by Facebook.

“Other Facebook Companies provide services to WhatsApp so that we can operate & provide our Services.”

It adds: “When we share your personal information with other Facebook Companies, it will only be used to provide services to WhatsApp on our behalf in accordance with our instructions & terms or to help ensure the safety, security, & integrity of WhatsApp & other Facebook Company Products.

“Nothing you share on WhatsApp, including your phone number, will be shown on Facebook or any of the Facebook Company Products, unless you choose to show it.”

The supposed new ToS leaked after WhatsApp submitted the latest 2.18.57 version of its app to the Google Play beta programme.

WhatsApp also changed its Terms of Service back in 2016, letting Facebook see the phone number people have associated with their WhatsApp account.

This crucial change allowed Whatsapp to link & track profiles between the 2 services, helping Facebook gather more data for its adverts & improve security measures.

The updated terms of service caused outrage though, with lots of users stating the update broke a promise WhatsApp had made to users when it was bought by Facebook in 2014.


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