Unicode Emoji 11 Gets Completed, Adds 157 New Emoji

The Unicode Consortium has released Emoji 11, the newest update to the emoji set that succeeds Emoji 5 (I have no idea what happened to Emoji 6-10), with an astonishing 157 new emoji. A massive bunch of these are just racial & gender variations of existing emoji but there’re some interesting new designs in there.

While the Unicode set only gives the description & we’ll have to wait till companies such as Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, et cetera. announce their interpretations of it, for now the people at Emojipedia have come up with their own designs that follow the common design language of the Apple emoji set.

That is a lot of new emoji & while more options is by and large a good thing, in this case we already have way too many emoji as of Emoji 5, which makes it finding that particular one that you want all that more hard, particularly if you do not know what it is called.

You can expect to see these show up on your phones by the end of 2018, possibly in the next major version of iOS & Android.


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