Snapchat Integrates Giphy’s GIF Stickers

Snapchat is partnering with Giphy to provide clippable GIFs to embellish the Snaps you send to friends or post to public Stories. This occurred not too long after Snapchat came under heavy disapproval for its new confusing interface after a recent update.

Fascinatingly, Instagram was first to offer insertable GIFs into Instagram Direct messages & Instagram Stories. What makes it even more appealing is that Giphy will offer these GIFs for Snaps, which is precisely the same provider for Instagram’s Stories’ GIFs.

Snapchat didn’t even make an attempt to do anything differently from Instagram’s Giphy integration. It knows that it has a following & is trying to get irritated users back onto the platform.

In addition, Snapchat had even sworn it’d tackle the redesign & provider new Tabs to the ‘’Friends & Discover’’ section of the application. This sounds like Snapchat is still resolute about keeping a new design, which is rolling out on iOS before putting it on Android over the next couple of weeks.

Snapchat has been severally condemned for its new Snapchat update for fusing individual Snap conversations together with the friend’s individual stories, making it more difficult to find your friend’s most recent conversation while making Snapchat’s badly curated content more visible.

The update was so awful that a petition was signed by 1.2 million Snapchat users to bring the old interface back. One of the Kardashians also expressed her frustration with the platform’s update.


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