Samsung Introduces new “Over the Horizon” ringtone for Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 is expected to arrive at the end of this week, but Samsung chose to unveil the new ringtone for the flagship 6 days earlier. The default option tune for Galaxy phones since 2011: the “Over the Horizon”,  got yet another new version after the 2017 jazzy & youthful version.

The 2018 ringtone is designed by Icelandic composer Petur Jonsson who does the tune on a piano.

The 6-tone piece starts in Jonsson version of “Over the Horizon” in the above video. The mellow sound of the piano plus the drone pictures from Icelandic countryside “arouse the purest, fundamental elements of the human sentiment that most times remain hidden in our daily lives”.

Samsung reveals that the brand new sound will have the power to relax the mind & heal the soul, though this is totally the opposite people get when they hear their phone ring.

This new “Over the Horizon” ringtone is rearranged to reflect the aesthetic transformation of the phones. The Galaxy S9 will follow Galaxy S8 as well as Galaxy Note8 in the implementation of Samsung’s Infinity Display with bezel-less sides, as seen in several leaks.


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