Intel Partners Lenovo, Dell And HP To Bring 5G To Laptops By 2019

5G technology appears to be approaching quicker than we initially thought. AT&T just announced the first 3 cities ready to receive their 5G network in 2018 & now it appears Intel is interested in bringing 5G hardware to the PC market.

Intel on Thursday announced their upcoming XMM 8000 modems will be integrated into a number of laptops from Dell, HP, Microsoft & Lenovo by next year. This move will open up the likelihood of full 5G network compatibility in PCs. Naturally, 5G tech in laptops can lead to a pretty considerable network speed increase for the average user. Faster media streaming speeds & quicker online gaming connectivity are just some of the benefits we may soon get.

The chipmaker reportedly plans to show off the first PC with this functionality at Mobile World Congress next week, in the form of a 2-in-1 concept laptop PC. To show what 5G is capable of, Intel will as well be demonstrating live video playback on stage.

Intel’s 5G push will likewise be extending to the Chinese mobile market.


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