Google Smart Reply Feature To Be Expanded To Third Party Apps

Google is expected to make its Smart Reply feature into an app that would offer predictive answers in third party messaging apps. This means that other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, & WeChat will be able to provide contextually suggestive answers the way it is with Allo & Inbox by Gmail.

This news is from Android Police where a reader sent in an email from a Google department  that tests experimental products. This email was mailed to those who signed up to get this kind of notifications & a sign up form can be filled out to test this new application.

The email outlined a small number of features of the Reply app. Smart replies can be displayed directly in the message’s notification for an on the spot response. It could even add smarter replies like when somebody asks for an ETA, Google will be able to calculate it for you.
Google Smart Reply

Other features are: Do Not Disturb while driving, which automatically allow those who message you know that you can’t chat right now. If you receive a message with more pressing cues such as “We’re waiting for you.” Reply can notify you, even if your phone is silent. Reply can check your calendar & provide vacation responses, too.

The app would be attuned with Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Allo, Whatsapp, Android Messages, Skype, Twitter DM, & Slack.

The feature would consider the message you receive & scopes out keywords to predictively suggest a fast answer to the email. For instance, if what starts the email is “Do you have”, a few suggestions might be: I don’t, sorry, I will have to look for it, or I’ll send it to you.

Google first unveiled its Smart Reply feature in 2015 in its Inbox by Gmail app. The feature would later carry on to other apps such as Allo, Gmail, & very recently, the default SMS app: Android Messages, though it’s still undergoing a rather slow rollout.


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