Google Play Store Set To Expand To 52 Countries & 25 Languages This Year

Google’s impressive products such as Google Home & the Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL phones’ biggest issue has been the lack of availability on a global scale.

Google Play Store

A slide from the Digital News Initiative summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands showed a map of all the countries & regions Google will cover by the end of this year, spanning across fifty-four locales in fifty-two countries & 25 languages with local support.

The map shows in blue where Google devices & services will be locally available. The graphics, even with low-quality, show that the new countries will be thirty-eight, while the new supported languages will be seventeen in number.

The list of upcoming markets are: most of South America, Russia, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia as well as Indonesia.


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