Finally! Nest Joins Google’s Hardware Team

Google acquired Nest in 2014 and has allowed it to operate as an independent body under the Alphabet umbrella for the past few years. The firm has been churning out new smart home devices like thermostats & security cameras during this time. But while it has clearly worked directly with Google even before, it hasn’t been 100 percent integrated into Google’s hardware team. Until today.

The search giant is announcing that Nest is finally joining its hardware team – you know, the one that’s responsible for “Made by Google” Pixels & Home speakers & Chromecasts. This move is long overdue, & it’ll hopefully enable more integration between Nest products & Google’s hardware roster.

For what it’s worth, the firm says the goal is “to create a more thoughtful home, one that takes care of the people inside it & the world around it”. Future Nest devices should be “built with Google’s artificial intelligence & the Assistant at the core”.


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