Chrome Will Mark All HTTP Pages “Not Secure” From July

Around this time in 2017, Google’s Chrome browser began labeling HTTP pages with text fields as “Not secure” when you enter any information. And today Google has announced the next &  final step in its plan meant to get website owners to switch to HTTPS encryption.

From July, when Chrome version 68 is set to become unwavering, all HTTP pages will be marked “Not secure”, as seen in the pic below. For those webmasters who still have not transitioned to HTTPS, Google offers set-up guides to help them get started & explain why encryption is imperative.


In the past year, progress on the HTTPS front has been quite noteworthy, with 81 of the top 100 sites on the web now using it by default. In addition, over 68 percent of Chrome traffic on Android & Windows is protected, along with over 78 percent of Chrome traffic on Chrome OS & macOS.


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