China’s Police Given Face-Recognizing Glasses Ahead Of New Year

China police officers are now being giving glasses fitted with facial-scanning technology, state-run media reports.

The glasses which were issued to officers at a highly populated train station in the Henan province are part of a security push preparing the ground for the Chinese New Year. So far, according to the state-media report, 7 wanted criminals have been caught thanks to the glasses, including 26 people using fake IDs.

The company behind the tech, LLVision Technology told the Wall Street Journal that the glasses can recognize a hundred thousand different faces, & can identify a person in 100 milliseconds.

To show the capacity of the surveillance system, Chinese officials sent a BBC journalist to Sudworth, Guiyang, a place with a population of about 3.5 million, to see how long he could remain out of sight. It took just 7 minutes before he was in police custody.


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