Amazon to Launch 6 More ‘Amazon Go’ Stores This Year

Amazon Go was launched earlier this year. If you didn’t know, Amazon Go is Amazon’s take on the supermarket of the future, where through the use of a choice of scanners, sensors, & cameras, you won’t need to lineup & pay for your groceries like you normal do. Instead you just need to take what you want & you’ll be charged to your account when you’re done.

The idea is meant to be more efficient, where you can do your grocery shopping speedily minus the hassle of queuing at the cashier which can take a while. Now evidently this was a trial that Amazon carried out, but it looks like Amazon has plans to expand on it. According to Recode’s report, it seems that Amazon may be thinking of launching 6 more Amazon Go stores later in 2018.

This is according to their sources who told Recode that Amazon has been chatting with developer Rick Caruso concerning launching their new Go stores in Los Angeles at The Grove. Though Amazon has since turn down comment on the report, & Recode alleges that Caruso nor his company’s spokesman has responded to queries for a comment.

Still we suppose Amazon expanding Go isn’t so much a matter of if, but a matter of at what time. We have as well heard that the company was planning to bring the system to the UK based on a trademark filed in region, but once more there’s no official word thus far.


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